Gemini Firstmix I/O issues


DJay recognises my Gemini Firstmix I/O controller but there are some issues:

  1. The lights on my controller are not coming on

  2. How to I get the jog wheels to forward and rewind a selected track

  3. Can I preview selected tracks from my library before putting them into one of the turntable channels?

Hi Axel,

(1) In the MIDI configuration window, click on “Show Advanced” and try enabling “MIDI Out” for your buttons with LEDs.

(2) Are the jogwheels of your controller touch-sensitive? Try scratching while the MIDI window is open. Can you see one or two entries pop up?

(3) This is currently not supported on djay for Mac.

If this doesn’t work, then this means that the LEDs cannot be mapped through MIDI lean in djay, sorry.

How did you map the jogwheels? And also, how did you map the scratch button?

Generally speaking, if everything is mapped correctly, you can turn on jog seek mode under “MIDI” > “Options”.


I did enable MIDI Out but nothing happened and I don’t understand the options presented to me…

The jog wheels are sensitive and I know how to assign functions to them.

My issue is that I don’t know which function will allow me to ffwd and rrwd the track I am cueing in via the jog wheels.

Plus once I enable scratch mode I expect to be able to scratch the track…