Gemini G4V Mapping Djay Pro 2 ?

Hey everybody,

i’ve actually worked up to today with the Gemini G4V Midi Controller.
Now i wanted to change from Virtual DJ Pro 8 to Djay Pro 2.
Is there any possibility of a good Mapping ? - So it means that all 4 Decks are useable and the lights also works. I tried to do this by myself but I doesn’t get it.

Hope you can help me.
Best regards !

Hi Benedikt,

we are not natively supporting the G4V.
You can still map the controller with the djay Pro 2 midi learn feature.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hello, its just me again. Got anyone a finished mapping for the Gemini G4V ? because I actually tried again and again by myself but it doesn’t work so well…
I hope anyone can help, cause i really like Djay Pro 2 but also i like my Gemini :smiley:

Hey… Actually i think there is nobody because since like 5 months no one answer… I’m thinking about to sell my G4V to get another controller…

Nice Anthony! Please let us know if you’re successful. Would be great!

Did you fix the problem with the lights ? If not its doesnt matter because i really need a mapping for the next party… :smiley:

same for me

i’m also using the g4v and looking for a working mapper

I will upload my midi mapping soon…

i just can’t seem to get the lights to turn back off once they’re done being used.

Ex: I hit the play button, light goes on. Hit it again, stays on. Hit a pad, light goes on, hit it again, light stays on for the rest of session. Same with all buttons that are assigned.

I’ll upload my mapping in the G4V post once I get the lights off situation figured out. Just need the lights to turn off when the button is done, and also add in the FX on/off and Par1/2 knobs