Gemini GV2/GV4 Controller Support

I know you can learn it, and I don’t see it listed in default supported ones.

Hi there Alex . any updates on this ?
For instance do all the features work once mapped /

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Thanks Dave , appreciated

Yes agree 100% on mapping yourself , as Im sure everyone has their own quirks , as long as the end result ( mix / sound ) is fab thats all that counts

Dave hi , Im slowly getting thru this mapping , but no lights working any idea anyone ?

Hey there , Im sorry Im confused , the map ? ~ I have assigned many faders and buttons etc , but please explain what I do once I locate the map
Thank you
Sorry , its a tough one for me this

i need help my GV2 Controller stop working it light up but it does not talk to my laptop now

The software is what provides the features. The controller/mixer/player is just a means of activating features on said software via knobs, platters, faders, buttons, pads and switches. All the features that are correctly mapped will work as intended. It is obviously up to the user to correctly map or obtain a custom mapping for non-native or supported device.

Not a problem. I know offers user submitted midi mappings for various software maybe you would get lucky there or they could potentially point you in the right direction … of course this is only if you do not want to map yourself.

I do however suggest mapping yourself ESPECIALLY if you do not know how. This will pretty much guarantee the layout would be familiar as well as potentially being as effective as possible.

At the very least it is a GREAT bit of knowledge to have in your arsenal.

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As you already mentioned, the Gemini GV2 / GV4 isn’t a supported midi controller. 

But you still have the option to midi map the controller on your own with the help of your midi learn feature. 

You’ll find a manual on our support site. 

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You will need the gv2/4 midi map. Go to the Gemini forum or have a look on thier website for it. All the led lights have cc notes which will be listed on the midi map. Good luck