Gemini mix2go & IPAD mapping

Was just curious if djay would ever support the gemini mix2go or mix2go pro, I got one extra just for doing backyard barbecues and stuff. For some reason they only support mix Vibes though. ( which is not all that great compared to DJay,)


Hey Timothy,

in general pushing the implementation of a controller via the forum is the best way to get some attention.
At the moment we are not supporting the controller, but it would be great if other users who would like it to be supported speak out for the implementation.

Cheers,Lukas E.

right on, thanks for the reply!!

Okay so I sold my Gemini and got the new Numark party mix Pro, the only thing that supports it is DJ Player Pro and it is also a horrible app is there any way that the Numark will ever be compatible with djay Pro?

+1 to the implementation

and mix2go please

Please! Pretty Please add support for Mix2Go Pro! I’ve purchased the DJay Pro app on iPad and MacOS, but this would be perfect. I can’t afford anything higher that is compatible at the moment. I know this is a long shot, but if the team could do this, I, as I’m sure many others, will be VERY satisfied. Thank You! :smiley:

Please add the gemini mix2go support for android

Please support djay with the mix2go, it would be a dream come true… jaysonstorm

+1 mix2gopro

Are you planing to support Mix2GoPro?