General dissatisfaction since Upgrading to dJayPro

I am very happy if the solution you provide or point out is MY ignorance or lack of experience with the program just so long as a solution can be provided. Please help!

So since using the new version on a Macbook 2015 all apps/versions etc are fully up to date.These are the problems:

  1. App sometimes completely freezes and stalls. Will NOT play. Complete shut done and restart is only solution. Considerably problematic when it has happened in the midst of an event.

  2. Times elapsed/remaining of song sometimes freezes despite song and visualisation is still clearly playing and “spinning”.

  3. The amount of songs that are unplayable/DRM protected seem to have increased dramatically. Needed me to repurchase a song that used to play fine. WHY I am spending more money to make YOUR program work as it should/and did.

  4. Is there away to EASILY identify/list all the DRM songs in my library so I can choose to update if there is NO other solution.

  5. AUTOMIX: Why when I choose to skip a song does the programme insist on trying to reload it as the subsequent song each time for the next play. I skipped it because I DON’T want to play it! Is this my error using the system, or can I just delete a song from the Automix as I go along?

I think that covers most problems I am having.
Any help…PLEASE do HELP.
Thanking you in advance. Hopefully.