Generic DVS audio Interface

Can i use any audio interface for DVS on djay pro? Im looking to use my ESi Maya44 on my iphone ( i intend to buy the lightning USB3 adapter)

I use a NI Traktor Audio 10, which works great. I tried a Behringer UCA 202, which worked, but obviously only for one deck, and it wasn’t as reliable, so your answer is yes, but how well it works depends on how well the device is supported by the iPhone. You’ll most likely need a piwered USB hub though. Also, depending on your turntables, you might need a phono preamp


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Writing to add, along the lines of what @jimbobatzke pointed out, that a good general indicator if a USB interface will work on iOS is if the manufacture states a driver is not required for macOS.
But keep in mind that this never offers a guarantee that it will 100% work, unless the manufacturer explicitly states iOS support.

Furthermore, if you intend to plug vinyl turntables directly into the input of the interface without going through a mixer, you will need a separate phono preamp for the interface you mentioned.

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