Genre display broken when genre contains comma

Almost all of my genres contain a comma as in “House, Afro House”. For every genre that uses a comma, the corresponding list of songs contains only one song. The list of songs works normal for genres that don’t have a comma in them. In the screenshot, you can see how in djay there is only one song but in (in the background) the genre actually contains a lot of songs. Also, the genres are wrongly displayed, without the comma.

Edit: On iOS, both of these problems do not exist.

Hi @djjoejoe,

Thanks for opening a thread about this in our Community.

How exactly is it being shown on djay for iOS? Would you please be so kind and upload a screenshot of what this genre looks like on the library of djay for iOS?

  • Would you like these songs to appear on both genre lists, “Afro House” and “House”?
  • Or would you like this to be considered a genre called “Afro House, House”?

I’m sure we’ll find a solution to this.

Cheers, G

This is how it looks like on iOS, same as in

For sure, it should just display the genre as it is, ie “House, Afro House”. If I may wish, it would also be cool to get a hierarchy (optionally only), so on the top level it would just say “House >” and then if you click on that, you see all your house genres. Just having the first one realized would already be enough, though.