Getting "Request failed: internal server error"

Just brought this Djay Pro last week, it worked fine until week. I’m getting “Request failed: internal server error.” Also I got the same error from my iPad Mini. This is very disappointing due to the fact I’m have several Gigs coming soon.

1- I try cut down the Spotify library
2- Logout and login into Spotify
3- Reboot
4- Reinstall
5- etc
6- etc…

It was working last week, what happen?
Please fix this.

I had this error all weekend and it killed me. It wasn’t happening within the spotify app.

Does it happen during peek times like Friday and Saturday night, I wonder? That’s the only time I use djay so that’s also the time I get the error.

For me, I get this error at a few places that have sketchy Wi-Fi. Both places I have in mind have at&t Wi-Fi routers.

Sweet!!! I can’t wait to try it

Problem still there !!! Today is 14 october 2016

Me 2

I have this issue now

Hi guys,

thank you for your feedback. Could you check if this error is being displayed in the Spotify application as well?

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

we are happy to announce djay Pro 1.3 and hope the Spotify issue got fixed as well.
If the problem is persisting please contact us right away.

Have fun with the new waveforms :wink:

Lukas E.

Hi there,

djay Pro for the Mac is updated to 1.3 now. The iPad update is on its way.

Hold tight.

Cheers,Lukas E.

@Jon Ridgway,

  • djay 2 iPad/iPhone 2.8.2
  • djay Pro iPad 1.0.2

are now live.

Have fun mixing and thank you for your patience.

Lukas E.

I’m getting same issue.

same problem, tried with several different networks, but always the same.
spotify app works well, problem appears just in day pro… help!

PS: Not always the same error. Got 404, 504… gateway timeout.
Few days ago didn’t have this problem, before I made the last OS update on my MacBook Pro

I tried yesterdqy (monday) again. Still the same problem -》 error 404 when searching a song in Spotify. Always have to try several times until it works

no i play on radio mon wed and fri and it happen then too

where is this new app 1.3 am stillon pro for ipad air 1.0.1… why is it not on itunes !!!

yes… i am an eger beaver Lukas …

Yes But when will the 1.3 be out to down ?