Getting started- a few questions

Running this on an iPad Pro 11"-

1.) I see how you can “link files” from iCloud, but is there an organized way to do this on a mass scale? I have folders sorted by genre with hundreds of files, but the linking process seems to just dump them all in a folder as opposed to preserving the folder hierarchy.

Alternatively, if I can set up my playlists on Mac and pull them in like on standalone Engine Dj devices, that would also work

2.) Same question with videos- it looks like it pulls straight from Photos (where I’ve saved a bajillion tiktoks), but I don’t see a way to look at a specific album, or a folder on iCloud

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One alternate way is to tag music files; then use smart playlists to organize the files.

For example, set genre = EDM, and set Comments = Electro, House or Techno. Then create smart playlists for the each genre/sub-genre. For example, EDM - Electro, EDM - House, EDM - Techno. Tracks will auto-magically be added to a smart playlist, when it is tagged appropriately.

Your files are already organized by genre; it should be easy to do a mass update.

Ah ok, perfect, tysm