Gig set up using Griffin DJ Connect?

Just got Griffin DJ Connect this week, which I’m using with Djay for Mac. Very happy with plug-and-play results and love using internal mixer mode at home.

I’ve got my very 1st gig tomorrow night (Fri 10/10) and I have questions about gear set up as there won’t be any sound guy at the party.

Hosts are renting 2 JBL speakers, an 8 channel mixing board, and 1 QSC monitor speaker.

Can someone give me a step-by-step guide on how to best set up my gear from home (Macbook w DJay for Mac, DJ Connect sound card, headphones) with the rental gear?

I do not own an external mixer or audio interface beyond the DJ Connect. Is this necessary?

Happy to share my thoughts on Griffin DJ Connect vs. Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 (as well as Djay for Mac vs. Traktor LE software) with anyone in exchange for your advice. I bought both and plan on returning the latter.



I recommend the following setup:
* connect the speakers (both main and monitor) to the mixing board
* connect the master output of the DJ Connect to any 2-channel input on the mixing board
* connect your headphones to the headphone out of your DJ Connect

In djay, tap the gear icon and go to Audio Devices Setup. Make sure that the following setup is selected (it’s usually automatic but check it to be sure):

Main Output: DJ Connect ch 1-2
Pre-cueing: DJ Connect ch 3-4

On the mixing board, all you need to do is make sure the input you’re using is activated and sent to both the main speakers and the monitor.

This is a great conversation that’s separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Traktor Audio 2 with djay

Hi socrates (and Warren),

I have a Traktor Audio 2, and have also had some issues connecting it to Djay. Headphone cueing doesn’t seem to work when the main output is Audio 2 Ch. 1-2 and Pre-cueing is Audio 2 Ch. 3-4.

I have to change the Pre-cueing to Master Output and plug my headphones directly into my computer’s headphone jack. This doesn’t cause a noticeable decrease in the sound quality, but it would be nice to have both outputs come from the same soundcard. Any ideas for how to fix this?