give me the head phones

have numark dj pro 3 no volume in headphones is their something that has to be set a certain way, have not hook it up to my setup yet only playing through computer and the speakers that they are hooked up to do I need something else to make them work driving me bonkers using dj pro for mac

Hi gregg bouie,

are you using the iDJ Pro by Numark?
Could you tell us in more detail which controller/ setup you are using?
Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

I must admit I had a idj pro by Numark and I couldn’t get any sound through my headphones either no matter what I tried. Try downloading djplayer and try that because that is also plug and play with that software. If you still have no sound then your unit is defected and needs returning like mine had too.

i’m using IDJ pro 3 BY NUMARK