Give us a viewing mode made for controllers (like „Pro“ mode on macOS)

I simply love the “Pro” viewing mode that we got with djay Pro AI on macOS. It would be awesome if we could have it on iPad as well since that is my main platform. Right now, on iPad I have to do a lot of taps to see information like FX, cue points, beat jump length and more. I am including a screenshot of Pro mode from macOS’ djay Pro AI just for reference.

Due to the different screen estate we wanted to have a more compact representation on iOS. Could you point out the user interface elements that are important for your routine? That would help us, thank you.

Sure! Your question made me realize that what I want is a viewing mode made with controllers in mind. That means I don’t need big touch targets but rather need to be able to see what effect it will have when I press this or that button on my controller. I have updated the title accordingly.

For my purposes, it would be great to have the following:

  • keep the top area, up to and including the row that starts with „Sync“
  • FX (the „manual“ section)
  • Cue Points
  • Saved Loops
  • Beat Jump

Each of the points above, save the first, is currently handled separately which means I need to interact with the iPad to see that information. My goal would be having to touch the iPad as little as possible, making my controller the main and mostly only input.

The middle area where we have the volume faders and the filter knobs could get reduced a lot because it replicates what I already have and can see on the controller. Same for the area at the bottom - I already have all this information (except for the Neural Mix part) on my controller.