Glitching on iPad when using Neural

I’m using an iPad pro 9.7 inch (2016 model) with Djay pro - generally with Tidal. I find often when I use the neural controls for the first time on a track I get a lot of glitching and distortion - the track actually sometimes stops completely for a moment and starts again. I would try to grab a video but it only ever seems to happen when I’m actually performing with it!

I’m assuming the machine just isn’t up to it - so it is a case of needing a newer iPad? Or is there anything I can do to improve performance - I understand shutting down other apps doesn’t really help, is that right?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Hi @Tony123,

Thanks for the question!

While it isn’t impossible to use Neural Mix on older devices such as the 2016 iPad Pro (1st generation) we do recommend users work on iPad Pro’s that are 3rd generation (2018) and earlier due to the limitations of the A9X processor as compared to the A12X Bionic chip.

Please see our FAQ article on Neural Mix compatibility for iOS here.

While it might seem like it has no effect, I would definitely make sure that there are no other apps running in the background while you are using djay and it might be a good idea to turn off any incoming notifications or other processes that could slow down the performance of djay and it’s Neural Mix controls.

Thank you, that’s very helpful. I guess it’s time for a new iPad!