Going Live on Twitch / Mixcloud etc. Through the App

Would be nice if they would implement a system to go live on Twitch through the App, this is the only thing that keeps me tied to my laptop is the fact i still have to use it to stream to Twitch, Mixcloud, Using VDJ or Stream labs, Just a thought…

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Hi @djalibi2,

What a wonderful suggestion, especially since streaming is becoming increasingly prevalent in different communities!

I’d be happy to share this feature request with our development team for further consideration - In the meantime, feel free to share any additional ideas you might have for this request so that we can better tailor our collaborative efforts between us and end users such as yourself.

Have a fantastic day!

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Good day,

I use a separate audio grabber to feed the stream. This also offers a convenient way to manage a chain of post-production plug-ins like EQ and compressor. In case Djay will offer a stream feeder, please also consider enhancing the post-production possibilities in Djay.

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Absolutely :100:
The whole point is that I wanted to Be Roller :roller_skate: Skating while Live Mixing a Stream.
I Needs to be able to Just LiveStream Directly from my Mobile Devices, anywhere anytime! Especially over Twitch, while in Tandem other devices cameras simultaneously capturing Video feeds :movie_camera: for additional Overlay content, too?