Google pixel book DJAY app looks ok but the tunes will not load.…
Hi, I have a new pixelbook and have downloaded the app DJAY from the play store iti looks ok but the music library will not load tunes although all of my play lists are listed

Hi there,

I am very sorry to hear that. 
Are your tracks playable in the Google Play Music app?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Lukas
Impressed with your customer service

Djay does not seem very happy on the pixel book
GooglePlay seems to work fine and I have quite a lot of playlists which are listed
When I go to load a tune on the deck I can see the playlist quite clearly all the tunes seem to be saying track cannot be played
It all looks very good I have had several versions of djay on my Apple macbook and also on my iPad all work excellent
I do do regular DJ with my MacBook no problems now I have learnt how to use it properly
On the Chromebook djay seems quite unstable
I have had a couple of occasions when Jews have played
On a different day none of the tunes in the playlist do not want to play
At the moment I have a couple of tunes showing on the turntables but when I click play it is a different tune and the quality of the sound seems questionable

Is this still at the development stage?
I have been using dj jay since 2010 and it is brillian
It’ll be great if it worked as well on this new pixel book

It looks right but doesn’t play right. Yet

Thank you