Great Programm, but some major issues on the professional end

Hey there my friends,

I’m a pro Dj and live drummer, performing with the latest in gears and drivers: Macbook pro 2015 late, maximum specs available, CDJ-2000 nxs and nxs2, DJM 900 nxs and nxs2, DDJ-SZ.

Been using Djay pro for some time now and there are a few but really annoying bugs:

  • on full club sound monitoring with massive subs the songs start moving backwards or forwards and they lose their position. hitting the back cue sets a new cue point on the wrong spot as a consequence…

  • on a memorized cue point it is not always possible to set also the primary back cueing as I was used to from normal Serato or CDJ-playing. hitting the back cue made my song jump back to the former position instead of memorizing the new paused position. but this just happens in 50 % of the attempts.

  • still some freezes occur: once every 3 hours the music output through the CDJs stops for a few seconds with no error on the Djay from the Mac. I had a total freeze of Djay pro twice up till now.

  • when deconnecting one CDJ the complete music output stops! On Serato the music keeps playing from the internal mixer, which obviously does_t work when CDJs outputs are used. But it should be possible to seamlessly continue to play through the second and still connected CDJ or an internal Mixer (via USB connection to the DJM 900 e.g.).

Hope to get some responses on these issues.

Keep up the great work though, mates!!!

best regards
Ben Santo

One more thing:

  • It would be awesome to be able to search for all sources at once: iTunes and Spotify being able to choose which version to play and not having to first search in my own catalogue and then switch to Spotify

Thank you for reading!