Great that you can set the audio to 320 in Djay 2, please add the same for Djay Pro for ipad.

I can not find the option. So, then it has to be 320 as standard setting, but i can not check that.

I read in this review that 320 is possible in Djay Pro for iPad. “With djay Pro you get to stream in 320kbps,…”…

Do you think it could be correct?

Cheers, Jonas :slight_smile:

True, me neither. So I guess it is standard as long as you have set it to highest quality in Spotify settings.

Hi there,

thank you all for your posts! Yes this feature is coming with the next djay pro update which will be online before christmas.
I hope this helps to explain things, thank you for your patience!

Keep it up,
Lukas E.