Grey Cue Point - How to remove

I have one song that appears to have a cue point but it is not white, red, green or blue, it is Grey. What is this and how can I get rid of it. It does not appear to be a cue point.

This is not breaking anything, but somewhat annoying not knowing how to get rid of it.


I havn’t got my computer in front of me but I’m pretty sure what you’re talking about is the Out Point. Works with the In Point for loops, and also when it’s on Automix. I use it as a 5th cue point. You should be able to turn it off up on the pull down menu somewhere, now you know what it is.
Hope this helps.

Hi Thomas,

Are you referring to the Mac version? In this case, go to the “Table-1” (or 2) menu and select “Cue Points” -> “Reset Cue Points”.

Do you also have djay for Mac?

If yes, load the song in djay for Mac, go to the “Table-1” (or 2) menu and select “Cue Points” -> “Reset Cue Points”.

This issue normally only occurs when you also have djay for Mac. Is someone else maybe using djay for Mac with your Apple ID?

You can try the following:

  • delete and reinstall djay via App Store > Purchases
  • in djay, tap the gear icon, go to “Advanced” and turn off “Share Song Settings”

You can export your recordings before deleting the app:

Using Djay for ipad and having the same issue as original poster. Don’t know how to remove annoying grey dot. Please help.


Still looking for help on this. Cannot remove grey dot or cue point, whatever it is. Don’t even know how it got there in the 1st place.

Thanks but that doesn’t work. Pushing and holding the set Button removes any of the 3 different colored cue points but it does not remove the grey dot.

Simply press the set button for a couple of seconds and it will remove it.

I have the same issue and I am lost on how to fix it. Using iPad version as well.

Thanks that worked

I have’nt one Mac, only use djay on my iPad… Can I clear the grey cue point ?

Hi Warren,

Anyone use djay for Mac, including me.


  • If I do it, I loose recorded files.
  • Doesn’t anything.

Thank you and… sorry for my poor english.

I had the same issue/ question and discover the following:

Press play, let the music run for few seconds than press pause. Usually the Cue button (for the grey cue) will start flashing. You are now able to set it to a new place by pressing the Cue button again.

Move the needle to the beginning of the song then press “Option+Q for Deck1 or Option+P Deck2” (MAC) to reset “Jump to Start”. Hope this helps.