Grey Cue Point....very annoying!

Don’t know how to remove this annoying grey point on one of favorite songs. Have tried repurchasing, deleting app, pressing the SET button, nothing works! Any help?

The Beat-End Cue Point can not be set or removed within djay 2. It must have been synced via iCloud from djay Pro.
Please load the concerned track(s) in djay Pro and delete the Cue Point. This will be deleting the grey Cue Point from djay 2, as well.

Hi there,

is it possible that you might have set the End Cue Point within djay Pro for the Mac?

Lukas E. 

I have the same problem with Djay Pro iPad, how can I remove this cue point I don ́t see how to do it…

I don ́t have it. Only Djay Pro for iPad and Djay2 for iPhone