Greyed out songs iCloud Folder on Mac

Hi all, I need some assistance with is as I may be missing something.

Files are stored locally in an iCloud folder, I can load the same file in to a playlist on my phone and on my MacBook Pro

However if I reboot my laptop the file will not load and is greyed out and won’t load on my laptop but will still load on my phone. Any ideas what’s going on here?

The sync is working so I can set a start point or cue points and they show up on the opposite device so that’s all good bit it’s as if the laptop doesn’t recognise where the file has come from.

Any ideas ?

Hi @petesherriff,

I recommend that you navigate to the iCloud folder via Finder on your Mac and make sure that you download these songs to your device. If there is a Cloud icon next to the file it is not on your device. Please also confirm that you can play these files directly from the iCloud folder outside of djay Pro. Thanks.

Hi thanks for the reply. I’ve sorted it. Thank you :pray:

You’re welcome! Glad to hear it.

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