Grid out of sync when playing a recorded track

This issue appears to have come about in the last update or two…
Basically if I were to record a track then play back the recorded track, the BPM registers generally 1-1.5 BPM faster than the original track…
Example, Track playing is at 124 BPM,
Recording the exact track the BPM jumps to 125-125.5 BPM.
If I try to Sync the two tracks, they go out of Sync as the Beat grid don’t align with each other.
This issue definitely wasn’t there before as I would always use this to make my own edits of tracks…
And to confirm this, I have Djay on another iPad running a much earlier version and it works fine on that one…

Anyone else experience this?

Set up is Rane One with iPad 9th gen using the latest updated version of Djay

Hi @maurizio_T,

Thanks for sharing your findings.

Could you share some of the tracks you’ve noticed are affected by this issue?

Additionally, do you have a video of these issues in action for our dev team to further review?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!