Griffin iMic + iPad + external soundcard?

As title says, anyone tried this setup?

I want to buy an Griffin iMic sound card, but I read there are some issues with sound levels.

I want to use this with real (hardware) mixer and want to be sure sound will be ok.

Hi Rvision,

Yes, there is a way to do this. Please see the following article on how to use multiple audio devices with djay.

Then, you can use an external mixer with this trick.

We haven’t tested this particular setup yet. But if you’re worried about sound quality, you can also just use another multi-channel sound card. Then both outputs would come from the same audio device and there should be no difference in output levels.
Generally speaking, you can use any audio interface, which is recognized by the system. This basically means class-compliant audio interfaces which do not require the installation of drivers.

Like I said, you can pretty much use any sound card that doesn’t require any drivers. :slight_smile:

Sorry, title should be:

Griffin iMic + iPad + external MIXER?

I’m not interested in controllers.

I want to use existing hardware mixers as they are standard in clubs.

Hi Warren,

thanks for answering - I already saw this guide for multiple audio devices.

My question is volume level - are they same and can both outputs be used in external mixer without problems?

iPad 2nd gen, iOS 6.0.2

I am pretty much sure quality will be OK since both signals are real stereo and not mono :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea which audio interface is compatible and tested with iPad? Since I’ve only read about iMic on your website.

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