Griffin Splitter cable isnt working? the app sends all sounds through both leads with split output enabled and disabled

basically what i said in the title, all sound from the app goes through the speaker and headphone output of my griffin cable that algoriddim suggests for the app, im not a pro at DJing, just wanting to start out really, but when i preview a song shouldnt it only come through headphones? or something like that, also im on an ipod touch 5th gen if that helps

Did you enable “Split Output” (djay > “Preferences”)?

I enabled split output in the settings within the app, i cannot find an option for “preferences”

Hi guys

I recently bought a Griffin DJ cable to use with my ipad but the same audio plays through both speaker and headphones. I have tried using the same cable, speaker and headphone set-up on someone else’s ipad and everything works fine. I can only assume that the issue is with how I have my ipad set up but as far as I can see it is set up the same as my friend’s. Is this a common problem with a quick fix? I am frustrated beyond belief with this.