H/M/L eq controls on Mixtour cannot be remapped away from Neural mix feature back to normal H/M/L eq control

Using Mixtour hardware with Djay pro AI running on iPad Pro with iOS 16.3
The mapping of the H/M/L eq controls on the Mixtour is stuck with a mapping of neural mix vocal/instrument/drums even when it is changed in the MIDI mapping settings and saved. The app settings shows my new saved mapping correctly as High/Mid/Low EQ but the behaviour of the controller is still to alter the neural mix layers. Have tried restarting hardware and app but behaviour is the same, I cannot get traditional EQ back on these controls.

Something that may be relevant : prior to having this problem I remapped the filter / FX rotary controls on the Mixtour to the neural mix instrumental / acappella feature. This worked fine, but sometime afterwards I noticed that the H/M/L eq rotary controls now seemed to control vocals/instruments/drums respectively and do not respond to being remapped back to standard frequency dependent H/M/L eq filters.

@GaryGibbon from the description of your problem it sounds like you have changed the EQ function to Neural Mix EQ in the djay user interface. There is a setting here to switch between both. Set it to EQ.

Thanks for the response, that sounds plausible - I will check it out.

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@GaryGibbon you’re welcome. Did that solve your problem?

Hi @GaryGibbon,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

It is my belief that changing the setting as shown by @Slak_Jaw’s screenshot, will be a solution to your inquiry.

Feel free to reach back out should this not be the case, and thank you @Slak_Jaw for providing such helpful information!

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Thanks, not had a chance to try it yet will hopefully do so at the weekend.

Yes this now works, thanks for the help. I don’t ever recall changing this setting from EQ to NeuralMix but now I’ve changed it back it is fine, the filter rotary control still maps to neuralmix drums/aCapella as well so all good.


You’re welcome. Happy to help.

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