Handbrake settings for VJAY

I’ve seen Handbrake suggested in a few different questions as the goto for prepping videos for VJAY.

I’ve used iPhone 4, AppleTV, AppleTV 2 presets and they all work but I’m wondering what settings to encode with to get the best performance with VJAY.

I know the max resolution is 1024x720, so I always make sure my width and hight is less than than both of those.

Framerate I generally leave same as source.

Is there anything that can be done to reduce the black out of video when scrubbing?

Thanks for any tips!

The “iPhone 4” preset with the framerate lowered to 24 FPS would be a good choice for vjay.

Both resolution and framerate influence video decoding performance, so lowering either will increase performance.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for sharing, I’ve been using the iPad preset and would also like to know what are ideal settings for vjay use. For movies and stuff that I want smaller pieces of, I’m going to try a couple of ways of splitting/cutting some of the resulting m4v I output from Handbrake into usable chunks. Been googling around will tonite try it with mpeg Streamclip and Quicktime. Apparently, simple cuts/splits can be made within Handbrake? not seeing an easy way to do it though.


Make sure you clear/remove audio channels for any videos in your library.