Hard drive folder resets after I play a song

I like to sort my folder by BPM, but when I drag a song to a deck the folder goes back to the top, which means I have to scroll back to the bpm I was at.

It is not life threatening, but it is annoying and hurts my workflow.

Please help, thanks

Mine does this occasionally, I’m not sure what triggers it.

The problem occurs in the Playlists created in Djay Pro 2 when changing the display order (Artist - Ttle - Bpm …).
It does not happen in the Itunes library but only in the Djay Pro 2 - Playlist library.
It looks like a bug.

there is someone who verifies the problem?

I wrote to the assistance 5 days ago by pointing out the problem with attached video, to date we do not know anything …

Problem solved with the 2.05 update, the library is more fluid and also the display of titles is immediate. Big work.
I have reported in another post that still does not display the “Year” tag in the Djay Pro 2 library while it correctly displays in Itunes library and in the browser.