Hard Drive support in djay pro

Hello! I have all of my music on an external hard drive. IS there any easy way to just add all of my music to some sort of search database like in virtual? Or do i really have to go through and drag each song? (I see this being an issue as i dont have that kind of room on my macs hard drive)

Hey there,

if you add the whole hard drive to your library via the “My Finder” tab you can search the whole hard drive within djay Pro.

Hope this is helping.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Maurice,

can you please send us a track which is not getting displayed in the search via support@algoriddim.com?

That would help us a lot to see a pattern.

Lukas E.

Is your external drive formatted as NTFS?

Hey same problem, but the search option doesn’t work properly. The most of my songs are not displayed when I search for it via finder tab.

Best Maurice

I had this problem too with an external sd memory. I add from add explore , but the search doesn’t work at all . I have djay pro for windows 10.