Hardware audio crash

After turning hardware setting off once the decks have reloaded when I push it to turn on it doesn’t reload it just stays stuck in hardware on but still the music plays though the ipad . this is when I have connected it to the idj pro. As u have do this every time to clear the static problem . So stuck really reboot ipad air 2 an pushed rescan midi button but no luck either. Need help as this has only happen since updated to ios10.

Man, I have this same problem. I have a gig coming up and after (in a previous post) Algorridim said all was good with their current version and ios10, I updated. Now I wish I never did, as my IDJ Pro is basically unusable since the static wont go away and I cant use the hardware slider to get the static to go away…

Please see the thread:
Audio hardware crash on ipad an idj pro 

Lukas E.