Hardware Mode for 4 Channels Controllers

I have a Mixon 8 Pro controller that I would like to use with Hardware Mode of DJay.
There’s several benefits from the Hardware Mode but unfortunately, unless it have escape my attention, it only works with 2 channels.

It would be nice to have a 4 channel hardware mode for controllers like the Mixon 8 Pro and other 4 channel’s controlllers.

Hi @MrBig1964,

  1. Please note that Hardware Mode is simply a different View Mode in djay (like Classic or Pro) that removes some of the unnecessary onscreen touchscreen controls like Tempo Faders, Crossfader, Channel Faders, and EQs when hardware is connected.
  2. In 4 Deck Mode you can already remove most of these controls except the Crossfader.
  3. Can you please describe in more detail, ideally with screenshots, what you’d like to see in a 4 Deck Hardware Mode and exactly what benefits this would bring? Thanks!
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Due noted. I’ve already try that and works as you mention and more or less satisfies what I what.
Anyway, I think that could be improved with the option to remove the last line of crossfader options and perhaps using the screen real estate to give more important information.
Thanks for your reply anyway.

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You’re welcome @Dig_Art

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