Harmonic Match for ALL iPads

Harmonic Match should be implemented in djay for all iPads. Not only the new iPad Air.

  • iPad 4th Gen

This feature requires a super fast processor and is therefore currently only supported on the new iOS devices with an A7 processor.

But I’ll pass this on to our developers and maybe they can work out something.

djay 2.2.2 is out!

Thank you for your continued feedback. Over the past months we have been hard at work improving almost every aspect about djay 2 in this free update for you, most notably:

• Sound: added audio limiter, no more distortion no matter how much you turn up the bass, filter, effects, etc. (turn on/off in Settings > Advanced)
• Effects: fixed volume drop
Key detection: added setting to turn harmonic match on/off (Settings > Audio Analysis) (for all iPads that support djay 2)
• Automix: many improvements including the option to select albums, to only use songs from queue, or to use current playlist selection in library as the source (e.g. history, artists, genres, etc.)
• Queue: added setting to keep songs in the queue after they are played (Settings > Library)
• New gesture: swipe down the load button to automatically play the next track from your current playlist selection
• Enhanced song loading menu: available using tap-and-hold on load button
• iDJ Pro: added firmware upgrade that fixes channel swap issue and improves compatibility with iOS 7
• Various bugfixes and performance improvements

Thank you for using djay 2, please support us by rating the app with every update. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Algoriddim team

Harmonic Match is already supported on djay 2 for iPad. Which version do you have?

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Harmonic Match.

Hi there,

I use the djay app on my iPad and with it, I plugged it into my Numark iDJ Pro . However, there are times whereby I need to identify the key of each tracks that I’m mixing.

Basically, it would be great if you could introduce a Camelot Easymix Wheel-like reference into the app in order to help beginners who are into DJ-ing.

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When is djay for iPad going to have Harmonic Match?.

I have djay for Mac, and Harmonic Match is a great tool…I also have djay for iPad and the iDJ Pro hardware, but there is no Harmonic Match. It would be awesome to have that with the iDJ Pro hardware for gigs.

Thank you for great products.

Let me know if this is possible or if it is in the developmental pipeline.

Thank you,