Harmonic mixing - Light op harmonic matches in playlist

Would be great to see harmonic matches (based on Key) light up in your playlist based on ‘current song’ / ‘master’ / ‘now playing’ / etc…
Probably the Automix AI does this already?? Could imagine…
But would also be helpful when handpicking tracks!


Not sure Automix takes keys into account
what if the song modulates from the original key (in the metadata) - how would the algo follow along?
(that’s one for the devs…maybe more of a metadata thing?)

BUT- it would make for a fun exercise for a DJ, mixing a set using songs that modulate from one to another… taking the listener through ALL the keys and returning home to where you started.

Hi @Bart_Hoogendijk,

Thanks for your suggestion!

Could you share a bit more info with us as to how you would like to see this feature implemented in djay?

Additionally, did you know that you can sort tracks by key and now with color codings? Screenshot attached for reference.

Happily awaiting your reply. Have a good day!

Hi @NathanielAlgo , Yess I can explain it a bit more. I know this feature in other software by the name of ‘Traffic Light’. If the KEY of a loaded track (or active deck/ selected in a playlist) tracks with the same or related keys in the library are highlighted. For instance: I am playing a track in key 2A*. Then I want choose a song to play next. Looking in my library it would be helpful if the tracks with the same key and related key 1 (2A/2B) and or related key 2 (2A/2B/1A/3A) and or related key 3 (2A/2B/1A/3A/1B/3B) are highlighted.
About the color codings: I’m using djay pro ai 4.0.1 on a Ipad mini 5 - I can sort a playlist via ‘Key’ and see the tracks with the same key with a reddish accent. On the ultimate right I can see a index of what I believe are all the available keys in the selected playlist (am i correct?). I cannot see the collorings in your screenshot.

  • same goes for classic key notation form

Hi @Bart_Hoogendijk,

Thank you for clarifying your original post as it was extremely helpful!

I will make sure to pass this along to the dev team for further review.

Additionally, I wanted to update this response with new information regarding key and matching in djay.

You can turn on key colorings via the Library panel in the settings menu to better differentiate these values as shown in the screenshot below.

Additionally, You can see track matches that are also color coded provided that you have previously played or analyzed said tracks as shown in the image below.

Have a nice day!

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