Has anyone been able to map the Numark NS6 II Controller to djay Pro or djay Pro 2 successfully?


I have had the Numark NS6 II Controller for around about a month now. A great piece of kit and all. I have tried mapping it myself for djay Pro, but to no real avail.
I was therefore wondering if any you djay Pro or djay Pro 2 users have managed to successfully map it yourself?
I am awaiting for Algoriddim to support it in the near future, but if you’re able to share your mapping with others users, like myself, then that would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

My NS6 II has now been sold (at a huge loss I must add) after gathering dust…
Now onto buying the Pioneer DDJ-1000 and hoping that djay Pro 2 will be able to support this flagship controller in the not-too distant future…

Algoriddim write me:

“The mechanic jog wheels of the Numark NS6II do not send a digital signal back to the computer. Thus there is not really a point in using it with a digital DJay software.”

Fuck the Numark… my 800 USD in the bathroom!!!