Has anyone got a midi mapping for the XDJ Aero?

Thinking about giving Djay pro simply for the Spotify integration. Does any one want to save me the time of mapping the controller by uploading a mapping for the XDJ Aero or does anyone know if one of the native mappings work which i could tweak?


Hi There, I can hear Sound only for deck 1 through aero. on deck 2 no Sound is comming out. In external mode I have following Settings

deck 1 : pioneer XDJ-aero : ch 1-2
deck 2 : pioneer XDJ-aero : ch 3-4

Why doesn’t it work?

I have the same Problem. How do you fix it?

I’m also interessted in your file. Can you share it?

Is there another controller which has native support that i’m able to base mapping the XDJ Aero on?

Heres a link to DL a mapping for the XDJ Aero using external mixing mode. The LED functionality doesn’t work properly on the jog wheels.

have fun.


The mixer section is not midi mapped as it uses the native controls. Make sure you are using it in External mode in preferences not Internal and you should be fine.

Heres the mapping I shared previously. have’;t used it in a while so not sure how well it works with new DJ and OSX updates.



Did you find a mapping for the aero ?
Does it works ?

If so, it would be great if you want to share it with me :slight_smile:


Hello chris,
Thanks for sending this file.
I seem to have a problem with the channel faders and crossfader. They don’t work.
Everything of the middle of the controller doesn’t work.
Do you know how to fix this ?

Thanx in advance


thnx man,
you’re a hero! :slight_smile:

You have to choose in external mode :
deck 1 : pioneer XDJ-aero : ch 1-2
deck 2 : pioneer XDJ-aero : ch 3-4
and apply

in internal :
main output : built-in output
pre-cueing : none

Let me know if you find a solution for the IPAD. I also am searching for that answer.


hi guys----thanks for your link…I have loaded it and the XDJ aero now is syncing with the DJ pro software…ALL but 1 thing is working and that is the xdj aero is not playing any sound through the speakers. What is the solution for this please?

Also do you know if DJ pro works on Ipad?



The main thing is that the lights for the channels on the xdj is not on…however the music is playing through the laptop as I am mixing it on the xdj aero

Hi guys,

I run djay pro with win 10 and pioneer xdj aero. I’ve downloaded the mapping file above but when i click on it, windows ask wich application i want to open the file with. Ive searched the disk and can’t find a proper file in the installation folder. I’ve read that I just have to click on the mapping file and the installation will start automaticly. What am I doing wrong?

Hi There, I downloaded the midi setup file for aero and it works… but i can hear sound only for deck 1 through aero, on deck 2 no sound is comming out of aero… can you help what could be wrong?
…by the way I’m in external mode but I don’t have option you described:
deck 1 : pioneer XDJ-aero : ch 1-2
deck 2 : pioneer XDJ-aero : ch 3-4
Can you get me a screenshot where could I find it or maybe this is some mapping issue?

Hey, I have tried the XDJ-AREO midiseeting file provided above, but it just cause DJ pro 2 to crash whenever i try and open the file.

Anyone having the same issue?

OSX 10.13.4 Sierra.


Was this file not for mac? Crashed for me regardless…

Hey Chris, was this for Mac, or windows?

Negative… no replies as yet… I’ve mapped a few functions myself which wasnt too hard to do… but only basic features, making it barely usable. It has potential, but Traktor is a way better interface… (just cant access spotify!)