Has anyone updated their OS X to Mavericks and if so does the DJay app work correctly?

Hi Rick,

We’ve been testing djay 4 on Mavericks for quite some time now and it works great!

Hi Zach,

Sorry to hear that. But which “same” problem are you referring to?

What are you using as sound output? Also, please upload a screenshot of your Devices setup (djay > Preferences > Devices).

Nicecast seems to be not fully compatible with Mavericks at the moment. Please see the Rogue Amoeba website for more info:

You can also try their public betas for Mavericks: http://weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2013/10…

I have the same problem. No volume output with djay since update to Mavericks.

Any chance for a new version of djay for mac?

I updated To Mavericks and I only noticed one thing. My music is not in my iTunes music folder, so I had to point DJ to the drive. Once I did that it seems to work fine. I have not done a rigorous test, but the basics seem fine.

I’m having issues with live broadcasts on Live365. djay is not sending audio information to Nicecast and there also might be a problem with the playlist information it’s sending upstream. Hard to test b/c I keep getting knocked offline for erroneous DMCA violations (too many songs in a row by the same artist).

My advice is to wait. Mavericks broke all my audio tools I use for editing and capturing audio but they are almost fixed. Can’t see how djay was not affected by this OS X upgrade since the most recent update was in August.