Have negative beat numbers

When mixing some tracks have beat number 1 after a few secs… So i wish i could start mixing at beat negative 1 or 2 etc… Depending on what i want to do negative beats allow for more creativity… Especially cutting…:pray: So please

Hey @PRO24DJS ,

Thanks for writing about this here in the Community!

Can you please explain what exact use case(s) you have in mind and share more about the feature you’re requesting?

As a heads-up, here’s a thread you could find useful, about the ways you can edit the grid.

Wishing you a nice day!

Hello… I have shown an example using virtual dj… Negative beat means beats that are improvised before beat number 1… Some songs dont start with the first beat…check the photo i have labelled the beats

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Hey @PRO24DJS ,

Thanks for the useful additional info!

I passed it on to the Dev Team so that your request can be further looked into for consideration :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

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