have separate library defaults for each deck

On DJay 2 for iPhone you can tap the icon next to the deck and it opens a dialog asking which library, iTunes spotify etc… When I go to deck 2, my selection for deck 1 is selected and vice versa. I would like these to operate independently. Once could have them the same but conversely I would like to have spotify default on deck one and apple iTunes on deck 2. That way when I want a song that is on “the other library” I do not have to constantly be changing the global default. I can just select the deck that I know I already defaulted to the library type I wanted.

I would say anywhere there is two dialogs let them happen independently. Things like DJay Pro for MAC would not be a candidate because there is only one dialog. But it looks like the IOS devices (not sure about android) probably the same have separate interface for each deck but when you change one it changes the other. Instead of two interfaces that do the exact same thing. IMHO they should be separated. Maybe other s will agree and up vote. As this is very subtle I do not see a lot of people searching for and finding this one despite good tags. It is a good change but not super important.

Hi there,

thank you for sharing your idea. It would be great if other users upvote this post in order to push the topic.

Lukas E.