Hdmi to analog converter


First of all thanks for developing this amazing app, I love it.

I am pretty sure someone must have asked this before but I couldn’t find it on the forum so here it is :

Using HDMI via Apple Digital AV adapter to precue, can I use one of these to plug my ipad master to my aplifier which do not have hdmi ports :


or these:


Hi Jeremie,

We haven’t tested this yet but theoretically it should work with the Audio Converter (first link).

I’ll see if we can order one for testing.

Awesome thanks.
I ordered one, it might take a while to reach me in the Caribbean but once I get it I’ll let you guys know

It works great guys !

I just tried it quickly out of the box but it seems very good, and it seems like the output is louder with the hdmi than on the jack which is great.

I will try more later on, but for now it a good to go.


I hooked mine up via HDMI to my TV and from TV to Amplifier. It works, but there was a huge delay between TV and headphones cue. Maybe a “proper” box like the above doesn’t have that issue.