Headphone BPM Promblems

Hi not sure on the exact route of the problem, have just purchased a new Pioneer WeGo3 to use with DJay 2 on my iPad but when I connect my headphones in I get essentially what I can only describe as a BPM although I wouldn’t say it was entirely accurate. But regardless of that I can not work with that, I’ve found no obvious way of getting rid of it and I’ve no idea if its the app or the WeGo3.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions please let me know ASAP. Otherwise the WeGo3 may be going back!

I have the same combination, and also a beatpad by reloop, but i dont understand the problem, or question. Can you try to explain, so i can try to reproduce it?

Hi Julian,

I’m so sorry, but what do you mean by saying you get a “BPM” once your headphones are plugged in?