Headphone cue issue with Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 (iPad).

I have DJ Pro on my iPad connected the the Pioneer DDJ FLX-4 and sometimes when I start playing out I go to start cueing the second track and realise the headphone cue isn’t working. Cue buttons don’t light up. So I have to quit DJ Pro, while playing music, and then start it up again and load up the tracks and play again. Then the headphone cue works. This isn’t good. Does anyone know a way to avoid this? Is there something I can do while the song is playing that resets the headphone cue?

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After starting DJay Pro, check to see if the cue is working correctly before beginning your performance.

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Yeah, there is that but occasionally it slips my mind so I need an escape hatch. If there’s any button I can press to flush the bug while the music still plays?

I guess you could try going to the audio settings and changing the cue settings back and forth.

Hi @Sparkomatic,

  1. Is it only the headphone cue that has this issue?
  2. Is it both headphone cues or always the same one?
  3. How exactly is your FLX4 connected to your iPad?

It is only the heaphone cues.
It is both headphone cues.
Power plug to USBC into power in in FLX4 and then USBC out from FLX4 to iPad.

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Thanks for the additional info @Sparkomatic. Given that it’s isolated to the headphone cues only, I suspect this could be a hardware issue. However, I’ll share this with our engineering team to see if they can replicate the issue on their end. Thanks.

@Sparkomatic please provide specific details about your setup not just “iPad” or “Latest Version”. This will help our engineering team to replicate your isolated issue… Thanks!

Device Model (ex. 2020 iPad Air 4th Gen):
Version of operating system (ex. iOS 17.3.1):
Version of djay (ex. 5.1.3):
Hardware/controllers used (ex. Reloop Ready):

Hi again @Sparkomatic, can you please provide the requested details above so we can try to replicate this issue? Thanks!

iPad Air 2023
iPadOS version 16.6.1
Pioneer DDJ-FLX4
DJ Pro iPad

Thanks @Sparkomatic. What version of djay are you using?

I couldn’t work out where to find the version number of DJ pro

Go to iPad Settings>General>About>iPadOS Version

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Did you try switching the audio output mode (e.g., from “Internal” to “External” and back) to reset the audio routing in DJ Pro settings. If not then you must try or try rapidly toggling the cue buttons on the DDJ FLX-4 off and on a few times to see if they respond.


Hello! It’s been more than 10 days since my last reply. I’m going to consider this topic completed for now so I can focus on others. However, please feel free to respond and we can definitely revisit this. Thanks!