Headphone cue not working DJPro 2 for Mac

I have spent a few months trying and I have been unable to get the cue in my headphones.

I thought it was my Vestax VCI400 but using a Numark NS6 and the issue remains.

The issue is not there when I use serato pro with the same hardware.

I am unable to update to Djpro AI as my MacBook is too old (2012) to run the required macOS (10.14.4 is the minimum and I’m stuck back at 10.13.x). Surely I don’t need to buy a new MacBook to resolve this issue.

Is there anyone else out there experiencing the same issue? I’ve tried every setting to no avail. Cue through the MacBook sound output is a last resort and less than ideal. The cable often touches the platters.

Please someone must have the same issue. The only thing I have not tried is using my iMac with the same software to see if the issue remains.

Is the Cue Volume knob on your controller analog or digital (MIDI)? Try this:

  • If the knob is digital (MIDI) - you should be able to map it.
  • If it’s analog, you need to first set the pre-cue volume to MAX (in the djay software) - then use the analog cue volume knob to adjust the volume to your headphones.
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Thanks for the advice. I’ll see if I can map it, however the issue exists when I use my vestax vci400 and remains when I use my Numark NS6 so I feel it’s a software issue. There is no problem with either when I use serato but I’m wedded to Algoriddim as a better product for my mobile DJ needs.

Hi @Shaun_C1,

Thanks for posting on the Community, and sorry to hear about the trouble with the cue not working on your hardware with djay Pro 2 for Mac.

As you may already know, djay Pro 2 is no longer available for purchase on the App Store and is no longer being updated. This is now one of our legacy apps, with limited support available. For this reason, it may be difficult to get this particular issue fixed. That said, I will pass along your feedback to our Dev Team to see if they can offer any additional suggestions.

I realize you said you have an older macOS running on your current MacBook. However, should that change in the future, we encourage you to make use of our current special loyalty offer for our newest DJ app on Mac, djay Pro AI. This limited-time offer allows you to permanently unlock all djay Pro 2 features in djay PRO AI. Using the latest version of djay ensures that you have full access to the most recent improvements and feature updates. To get this special offer, you will need to have the older app installed on your device while launching djay Pro AI on your Mac.

Please let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

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Can you please send a screenshot of your audio device settings in djay with either controller connected?