Headphone issue

after the last upgrade of dj2 the following occurs: the beatpad that I have,restored while issues with led lighting but suddenly I have no tension on the headphone output! Listening too low! try other headphones and do the same! I have and dj pro on my ipad air and test after this the headphones works properly and listening loud! equally well operate in wego3 that I have. It happens only in beatpad. When i connect my ipad has limited sound in headphones! What could be wrong? I think it is softwear problem in dj2 and do so only in beatpad…any idea? I did and restarting but nothing.

Hi Gri,

we are sorry to hear that. I was not able to reproduce the issue, our Beatpads headphone out was working properly with djay 2 and djay Pro.
Can you think of anything you might set up differently?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.