Headphone Jack Bug?? Interference With Software.

I was using the djay pro2 for the first time yesterday at an event and towards the end I unplugged my headphones as usual for me to save some time and it sounded like the music did a skip or like a speed/temp change for a second or so. It was like my macbook had a “memory” hiccup. I have 16GB of ram and using a macbok pro 2.3GHz Intel i7. I don’t think memory was the issue. Anyway I plugged my headphones back in as a test and no issue. I was afraid to do it again for fear of the same issue. Could this be a bug? Never had this issue with my Virtual DJ Pro use. I was using the basic 2 deck structure.

I use an external sound card through my USB. I use the built in output (headphone jack) for pre-cueing. I’ve done this for years using Virtual DJ with absolutely no issue. This is why I even asked.

Are you saying you have your headphones plugged into the computer? If so why? The reason would be the laptop changes profiles when an audio device is detected as present or not present but if a proper audio interface is being used as I would assume you are using this issue will not exist.

Hey Marc,

It happens to me as well. I have the headphones plugged in to preview tracks, and when I unplug, it does the same exact thing. I have the same specs as you. It’s happens with Djay Pro and Djay Pro 2. My MacBook is connected to a Presonus AudioBox USB 96 and have the Pre-Cuing set to Built-in Output.