Headphone mixing - cue / master knob not working on DDJ400

Fader on the interface doesn’t change cue / mix - but it works fine in the ipad ‘Settings’ interface. Any way I can fix this?

Using Djay 4.15 on iPad Pro iOS 15.5

Hi @Jomtones,

So that I can better assist you, can you share a screenshot of the Audio Device Setup menu from within djay’s settings? Can you also confirm if you adjust the “mix” of the cue on the iPad, does adjusting the knob on the controller alter the setting of the iPad?

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and have a nice day!

Audio device setup looks like this. No options for booth.

If I adjust the ‘mix’ level here, it works - but changes on the controller don’t effect it.

In fact, I’ve noticed something weird. If I turn this knob to the right, it fades out both cue and master volume. Seems like it’s MIDI controlling something wrong. Weird 'cos I’ve literally just plugged it in, no custom settings.

Thank you for the additional information!

Can you share if you are using booth monitors in your configuration or are you only referring to the Pre-Cueing through headphones?

Additionally, can you share a screenshot of the MIDI Device configuration for your controller? To access this information, please follow the steps below:

  • Connect your controller to djay Pro AI

  • Go the settings menu

  • Select “MIDI Devices”

  • Select your controller

  • Adjust the “Headphone Cue Mix” knob on your controller (pictured in your screenshot)

  • Take a screenshot of the MIDI result that djay will automatically move to when the knob is adjusted

Thank you in advance and I’m looking forward to getting this sorted out for you!

Thanks Jru. Finally found time to look at this.
Following your instructions - nothing happens when I move the headphone mix or level knobs (level knob works fine though)
Other knobs e.g. filter scroll to their section as expected.

Hello, I have run into this problem as well. The monitor mixing between cue/master knob on my Pioneer DDJ 400 will not switch between cue and master when using djay Pro AI. I have ensured that djay Pro AI and my Pioneer firmware are up-to-date.

I have checked the midi mapping for my controller using the “MIDI/Configure DDJ-400…” option. Neither the monitor cue/master knob nor the monitor level knob appear on the mapping menu when I turn them. When I try to set another knob (e.g. CC2, the FX1 parameter knob) to the Target “Mixer” and Action “Monitor Cue/Mix,” I get a request from djay AI Pro to subscribe to the Pro version. The app will then not let me save my changes to the mapping. Therefore, I cannot even set a known MIDI controller knob to alter the cue-mix balance.

Have you paywalled this feature behind the pro subscription? To be honest, that would be pretty disappointing giving that switching between cue and master is a nearly essential function for anyone live mixing on DDJs. Would love to hear an explanation why this decision was made if so.