Headphone Precue AND audio out via Apple Component AV cable possible?

If I have iOS6 and djay 1.6?
Will this work instead of having to have a mono out or upgrade my old amplifier to get something with an HDMI port?

Hi Darcy,

No, this is not possible.

No, you need an external audio interface (sound card).

No, it does not work with the Component AV cable because it just reroutes the device’s built-in output instead of using an external audio device as with HDMI or an external sound card.

With iOS7 and djay 2 is it possible to have headphone precue and audio out via Apple Component AV cable?

Thanks in advance,

In the official Algoriddim article reported below, is specified that is possible to configure the audio device as follow:

  • Main Output: Speakers connected to the iPad/iPhone via HDMI cable and Apple Digital AV adapter
  • Pre-cueing: Headphones connected to the iPad’s (or iPhone’s) headphone jack

My question is: the Main Output is working also substituting the HDMI cable and Apple Digital AV adapter with a Apple Component AV cable?

Algoriddim article: http://help.algoriddim.com/customer/p…