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Hi all,

Using djay PRO AI, Version 4.1.10, on macOS 13.5.2 (22G91). I’ve noticed that occasionally static starts up in my headphones connected directly into my Apple M1 Max 14". The only way I have found to correct is is to unplug the headphones, which does cause a brief pause in playback. Does anyone know a better solution?


@samdale67 have you tried different headphones or a different headphone cable? Sounds like it could be a loose connection between the headphone connector and MacBook headphone socket. Are you connecting headphones that have a built-in microphone?

I’m using Sony MDR-7506, brand new. When I listen using Apple Music, no problems (so far). Cord seems solid, and when I jiggle it, no static. No microphone.


  1. Are you running any other applications when this happens?
  2. Are you playing music stored on your MacBook or using a streaming service?
  3. Anything else connected to your MacBook via USB cable or Bluetooth? I recommend turning BT off to see if that solves it.
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I think a good cleaning will sort this out; sounds to me like your headphone jack contacts need cleaning, and with a bit more than a blast of canned air.

just like the pockets of your jeans, no matter what you carry a mobile device in and how clean you try to keep things, be it a sleeve or a laptop bag or whatever, there will be little lint balls and fuzz and crumbs and grains of sand or whatever in the bottom creases of the pockets that will find their way into the orifices of things. take a few minutes to clean them out every so often and you shouldn’t run into these problems often, if at all. and then if you do, it most likely is an actual hardware problem.

the pause in playback probably happens as the OS switches audio outputs - headphones to speakers and back…

oxidation attracts dust and other crud, but this is near impossible to see without the right tools like a fibre optic camera. there are commercially available cleaners/lubricants like Caig’s DeOxIt (like brylcreme, a little dab will do ya!), but whatever you squirt in -if you choose to do this- do it with the machine turned completely off, unplugged and with the battery removed, apply the product and burnish the contacts by inserting/removing a plug repeatedly to work the cleaner/lubricant in, and then let it sit for a while to do its work.

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But it doesn’t happen when listening to apple music

keep us posted on what you end up discovering the problem to be

Hi @samdale67,

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this issue; however, we’re pleased to see that other great members of our Community have weighed in while trying to provide a solution.

Have you encountered any updates to this problem since your initial post that my of relevance to other users who may be experiencing the same issue?

Big thanks to @Slak_Jaw @heysoundude and @SnAkEs1210 for the ideas!

Well, I guess it was some debris in the headphone jack. I blew it out with compressed air, and I have not experienced static since. Thanks all for the helpful responses.


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Nice! Glad to hear you were able to solve it.

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