Headphone volume and sample tempo sync

Sorry if this had been put somewhere, it would be hard not to have already come up with it but these functions would be cool…

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your feedback. Can you please explain your idea a bit further?

(2) Do you mean the volume for the pre-cueing output? If yes, there’s already a volume slider for the pre-cueing channel, simply tap the gear icon.

hi warren

1; having some sort of tempo sync button on the sample pad screen, so if i load loops or riffs into the sample pads they are synced with the playing track tempo.

2; headphone volume so its adjustable rather than always being loud, ii know it can be mixed with the outgoing source but a simple volume control would be great

thanks man

I am such an idiot, why I hadn’t seen this I have no idea. It’s in the split cue screen. Sorry.

How about the sample sync though? Good idea? Hard to implement?

Thanks Warren