Heavy sound distortion on split mode, issue continues to be ignored

The app is 100% unusable until this issue is fixed. The switch from a normal forum to this format only serves to hide fundamental problems like this and probably was the reason that the switch happened as other users have pointed out. How other people use the app at all while this issue exists baffles me. Please move this issue to a higher priority and do a better job of addressing concerns over it.

I have the same problem (using the last DJAY update) in my ipad with the distortion when split mode is activated and it is NOT a hardware problem. Algoriddim has recognized that it is working on it. See this tweet → https://twitter.com/Algoriddim/status…

DUDE. GET A NEW CABLE or Fix your iPad. Trust me it’s not DJAY. otherwise. EVERYONE WOULD HAVE THIS PROBLEM. There probably not responding because it’ has nothing to do with the software.

Your right Algoriddim keep giving shitty little sweetners like sop and start delay adjust when the app is solely reliableon sound quality
They’ve had months and months to sort this after numerous complaints
They’d rather spend there time on that shit app that mixes videos…i meen come on what a load of bollocks

Hey algoriddim why don’t you fix this djay app cos its only a mp3 player with pictures of decks after all…and the sound quality in split is shit

Algoriddim= Broken Promises
SplitAudio= ShitAudio

And Algoriddim dont fob us off with a shitty reply saying
“hey guys were really sorry but our team are working hard on it”

Cos you’ve probablly got in on COPY/PASTE

They do know theres a problem or they wouldnt respond saying were onto it.
And i use only the best leads and equipment by the way…the app cannot cope with split audio…it is very poor quality…DUDE!!!