Hecules RMX2 no audio output with DJ Pro on Mac

Hi my Hercules RMX2 works fine with DJuced but when I connectit to DJPro on my mac I cannot get audio out. I can control the software and can also hear the tracks in Pre Fade but there is no main audio and the volume leds are all off. Does anyone have any advice please. I enclose an image of my audio settings in DJ pro. Thanks

@Ouseburner try switching the Mixer Mode to Internal instead of External.

@Ouseburner did that fix your issue?

I often get issues with the RMX2 if I’ve not used it for a while. E.g. the main out is routed to the headphones etc. After much trail/error and cursing I found the only solution was to reinstall the firmware and then all works as expected.

Thanks for the suggestion @stradlingp. This is very helpful and appreciated!

Hi Slak_Jaw. Thanks for assisting me. I havr tried Internal Mixer as suggested but I’m still getting the same issue i.e. i get audio when pre-cueing but no main audio. I have checked again with DJuced and that still works fine. I enclose a screenshot of the Interal Mixer settings I tried.

Hi Stradlingp. Thanks for your suggestion also. I think the fact that the RMX2 works fine with DJuced would rule that out but thanks agin for the suggestion.

Hang on. I’ve just found out that the RMX2 is outputting audio, However for some reason the volume LED’s next to the faders are not illuminating so I thought there was no output. They do illuminate with DJuced. Sorry for the confusion. Any thoughts on why the RMX2 volume LEDs do not work with DJPro. I enclose a photo of the RMX2 taken when playing tracks with DJuced and DJPro. Thanks.

Hi @Ouseburner, that’s good news. I would suggest that you update the RMX2 firmware and confirm that you are using the built-in MIDI mapping for the RMX2 in djay Pro.

Thanks Slak_J’ll try that when I’m sble to. The lack of leds are not a show stopper for me anyway.

You’re welcome @Ouseburner. If that doesn’t work, you can trying backing up your djay Media Library, then uninstall and reinstall djay.

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