Hello, I have no idea how to save a Preset!

I run version 1.0.4 on y iPad. I made my own jingles and I finally found how i can assign them to the buttons. But how can I save the hole set? Please help me! THX Emanuel from Hamburg

Hi Emanuel,Is the sample arrangement not stored correctly? Which point is not working of storing the samples?

Hi Mic Mac, i don’t have a problem in coverting, I have a problem in saving the hole set in my personal sampling set which is anoying!

diff, mp3

aiff, mp3

Hi, in the meantime i solved the problem. Thanks all of you!!!

I haven’t done this in a while, but if you’re using Garageband  to create your jingles you used to be able to easily convert them to iTunes or whatever it’s called now.

What file format are they? Wav. I assume?