Hello, I use 'Spotify paid, I download songs to my iPad Pro. But DJ won't play them unless I am connected to the internet?

I do sort of buy it!! I pay my month;y premium to Spotify. I can use it off line on Spotify itself but not via DJ Pro…

Thanks, but not sure you are following my issue!

I know I am renting, I actually own a ripped iTunes library of 60,000 tracks. But I use Spotify premium. I can download the tracks for use off line. They will play via Spotify without an internet connection. What they won’t do is play the same offline playlist in DJ pro. That doesn’t make sense to me - or am I missing something?

I am not a professional DJ, just do this for fun!

That is how it works. Buy your music and you won’t have this problem.

No, you are renting music for home use with Spotify.

Buying music, like Promo Only, allows you to use them forever, as a professional DJ. Music from Spotify is not to be used commercially. It says so. I prefer to be able to write off my expenses, such as music.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, if you get to a venue with no internet and you can not get signal on your phone, with Spotify, you are screwed and so is your client.

Just my thoughts.

Gotcha… You are correct. Djay Pro does not play Spotify Files offline.

Hey there,

as djmagicmoments said, we are not able to support the offline usage of Spotify due to sandboxing, a Spotify security feature.

We are sorry for that.

Lukas E.